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Administrative Offices Administrative Offices

Parque de las Ciencias, Route 101, Km 23.500, Mega Pharma Building, 3rd Floor, 14000 Canelones, Uruguay

++(598) 2683 8000
++(598) 2683 8000 Ext 3300
Pharmaceutical Plant Oficinas administrativas

Parque de las Ciencias, Route 101, Km 23.500, Mega Labs Building, 14000 Canelones, Uruguay

++(598) 2683 9550
R & D Center Oficinas administrativas

Parque de las Ciencias, Route 101, Km 23.500, Mega R&D Building, 14000 Canelones, Uruguay

++(598) 2683 9550


Mega Pharma is a pharmaceutical company committed to health care, strategically oriented towards innovation and dedicated to affordable therapeutic solutions.

We strive to understand the needs of physicians and patients and towards devising affordable solutions through a range of products to treat various therapeutic conditions.

We use high quality raw material and the strictest safety check-ups.

Our products are market leaders in 20 countries in Latin America.


To offer innovative and affordable therapeutic solutions for human health care.


Through permanent research and innovation, and acting under ethical and accountable standards, we aim at consolidating our products’ leadership in Latin America and at expanding their presence in new markets.


Mega Pharma has four pillar values that define our professional and personal working styles, both inside and outside the company: Adaptability, Innovation, Commitment and People.

Our results are the sum of the coordinated efforts of enthusiastic collaborators committed to achieving our corporate objectives with the purpose of making the company vision a reality.


We adapt to change and to the market needs using the necessary resources to achieve our objectives.


We act responsibly and ethically towards our clients, collaborators, communities and towards the environment.


Our products have been developed and produced using innovative technology, but most importantly, by inspiring people who care about them.


We aim at the comprehensive development of our staff. We promote trust and a positive atmosphere in a healthy and challenging environment, where people can enjoy performing their daily work.